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a white and red dragon statue on top of a black base
Melcor / Tangui (@Jollivettangui) on X
a white plastic model of a creature with horns and claws
a miniature figurine is being held up to the camera
Mutant based on Genestealer hybrid - swap out the head.
an action figure is posed on a black surface with green and white accents, while the image appears to be in full color
(WiP) Genestealer Cult Patriarch conversion/repose, don’t worry about the Deathwatch brother (no denim)
40k Leviathan, Warhammer Painting, Space Wolf, Nightmare Fuel, Job Inspiration
New Deathleaper Grimdark
a close up of a horse made out of glass and metal with green leaves on it's head
Daniel on Instagram: "First on the assembly line from the #leviathan box is the Psychophage and I think I’ve made a suitably nasty looking tail for him so far! . . . . . . #hivefleetmantis #psychophage #tyranid #tyranids #warhammer #gamesworkshop #40k #warhammercommunity"
a statue of a dragon on top of a black base with red and blue paint
some sort of insect like creature with yellow and red markings
RAID: Shadow Loegends - Spider Queen, Igor Golovkov