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the front and back side of a paper model of a building with text reading, how to build my block
Industrial & Commercial Floor-Cleaning Machines and Parts
There's not a better way to understand the power and importance of a community than taking part in creating one yourself. Towns and cities around the world are filled with incredibly diverse neighborhood blocks --so why don't we let the students design their own? By incorporating geometry, writing, and organizational design skills students can do just that, build their own city block. Building My Block is a project based learning -PBL- activity that asks students to design their own block and bu
an art project with food truck and crayons on the table next to it
Food Truck Assembly and Design Art Tutorial - Art With Trista
the free 5 minute bible study for young kids
Free 5-Minute Bible Studies for kids - Christian Devotions and Fun Bible Studies for kids.
two pieces of paper with the words vintage treasure map and mark's the spot
Vintage Treasure Map Craft Tutorial (X Marks the Spot!) | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities : Children's Publishing
Vintage Treasure Map Craft Tutorial (X Marks the Spot!) | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities
an info sheet with the words podcasts for kids written in different colors and font
The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Kids - Raising Kids With Purpose
some kids are making science lessons for their homeschool students to do at home
10 Science lessons & activities kids can do at home
Shop our Influencers' top picks on Amazon
Shop our Influencers' top picks on Amazon
a poster with the words 9 ideas to simility your homeschool on it
Simple Homeschool Schedule Ideas | Simplify your Homeschool
I hope these 9 ideas for simplifying your homeschool schedule are helpful and encouraging as you navigate what to prioritise and how to thrive in your homeschool journey! Read more about how the book Essentialism shaped the way I homeschooled on the blog!