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an image of several different characters in the video game, stardew valley hearts
Stardew Valley Expanded
four pixel style pictures of different people in hats and clothes, one with purple hair
I'm still working on my portrait mod :) by u/cardo_de_comer on reddit
an image of a man laying in bed with a green creature on his head and the caption reads, ah yes me, my wife and her four foot feet polish she found
some cartoon characters are holding mugs and flowers
Stardew Valley
two people that are hugging each other and one is wearing a baseball cap on his head
the alien from predator killed me
jellyfish swimming in the water at night
Took me a while to get to, but finally finished Willy’s shop!
two people sitting on a dock at night
Stardew Valley: Late Night Talks by Mossygator on DeviantArt