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a mural on the side of a bridge shows a blue train and car passing by
CarGoTram in Dresden
a manhole cover on the ground with holes in it
Kanaldeckel (1890) in Weimar
a small white house sitting on top of a lush green hillside
Haus am Horn (1923) in Weimar
a dining room with wood paneling and wooden tables in front of a fire place
Ilmschlösschen in Weimar
a manhole cover on the side of a brick wall with an intricate design in it
Kanaldeckel Stieberitz & Müller in Weimar
an antique car is on display in a museum
Verkehrsmuseum in Dresden
a building that has some paintings on it
Fürstenzug in Dresden | 35 Wettiner ziehen durch die Innenstadt
people are walking up and down the steps in front of a building
Militärhistorisches Museum in Dresden
a white and green boat traveling down a river next to some trees in the background
Raddampfer "Leipzig" auf der Elbe
the inside of a building with stairs and windows
Schloss Eckberg in Dresden
an old building on the side of a hill with vines growing up it's sides
Lingnerschloss in Dresden
the sun is setting behind a bridge over water with boats in it and lights reflecting on the water
Loschwitzer Brücke in Dresden (Das Blaue Wunder)
a large building with columns and windows in front of a parking lot on a sunny day
Festspielhaus Hellerau | Das Theater inmitten einer Gartenstadt
a large building with a very tall tower in the middle of it's roof
Ehemalige Tabakfabrik Yenidze in Dresden
an old building is being built on the bank of a river with trees in the background
Wasserwerk Saloppe in Dresden