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a hand holding up a broken glass frame with shells and seaweed on the beach
Sea Glass DIY Projects - Frame
Sea Glass DIY Projects - Frame
Seaglass Beach Art
I am dreaming of the beach, so we are going to squeeze in one last beach art piece before the summer is over! We are working with an 8x8 canvas, and this art project has minimal painting and lots of glass goodies. We'll be adding sea glass in blues and greens, tinted seashells, Caribbean Blue and Solex glass, flat gems, seed beads, bubbles, and more!
a painting made out of stained glass and mosaics on a wall above a toilet
giant WAVE glass mosaic -- this looks like work by Carolyn Wagner or Ariel Shoemaker -- If you know the artist, would you let me know so I can CREDIT this?
an image of seashells and starfish in a white frame on a table
Seashell Sea Glass Beach Frame
Seashell Frame Glass Measures 7x9 Always Remember when purchasing one of my handmade frames "You Are" purchasing a "One Of A Kind Original'!! I have not only created these handmade frames with seashells from New England Beaches and Florida beaches,I have also created my own one of a kind glaze!! Yes you heard that right my own Crystal Clear Glaze!! Each piece is fired and then glazed. I stand behind my frames & glaze 100% no whitening yellowing or bubbling guaranteed!! Don't forget if it's