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Cute tiny house
a living room filled with furniture and a spiral staircase
Tree-like branches make these stairs look magical. Notice the warm lighting and colors throughout that makes this room feel like a fairy tale. #decor #magic #whimsy - Dream Homes
the inside of a house with stairs and trees on each floor, as well as a spiral staircase
Architects Build Hogwarts-Inspired Home That's Powered by Geothermal Energy
A breathtaking new home on the market looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel. Nestled in the foothills of Ashland, Oregon, the fairytale-like Shining Hand Ranch is a custom-built dwelling with a spacious treehouse-like interior and a riverine-like floor. Heated and cooled with geothermal energy, this one-of-a-kind home features intricate flora and fauna carvings—with dragons, eagles, coyotes, and more—and overlooks amazing views of the surrounding mountains, including the tip o...
an image of a hobbot house in the grass
Inspiration for the Space Around You | Hunker
Forget tree houses and mini kitchens ~~ I'm building my children a hobbit hole.
the inside and outside of a tree house
A fairytale treehouse with the charm of a Swiss chalet
Step inside this fairytale treehouse that's a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.
a book cover with a tree house in the woods
Treehouse Masters' Pete Nelson: 5 Things Every Beginning Builder Must Know
Treehouse Masters' Pete Nelson: 5 Things Every Beginning Builder Must Know
a tree house built into the side of a bridge
Architecture - Tree Houses
Adult tree house. If this had a bar and a hot tub in it, I would be in heaven.
a tree house in the woods with stairs leading up to it's second story
Unforgettable Tree Houses
15 Strange and Unusual Homes you have never seen
the inside and outside of a wooden cabin with stairs leading up to an upper floor
Unique and Fun Treehouse AirBNB in the Redwood Forest is WHOA!
Visiting the redwoods and wine country in California, but looking for somewhere to stay which is a little off the beaten path? Owl Tree Cabin is cloistered in the sheltering beauty of the redwoods near Mendocino, CA. The atmosphere is one of seclusion and tranquil peace and quiet. The cabin looks amazing from the outside … but the interior? Well, you’ll just have to read on and see for yourself how incredible it is. #tinyhouses #cottage #cabin
the inside of a wooden cabin with wood floors and arched doorways leading to an outdoor hot tub
Voice of Nature
Suzanne Dege’s “Hobbit Treehouse.” Originally built by the legendary natural builder, SunRay Kelley. Located on Orcas Island in Washington State.
a tree house in the middle of some trees
Yelm, Washington Autumn 2001 Romantic 400 square foot getaway built on a horse farm. A curved staircase leads you to an Art nouveau door, into a finely finished interior of reclaimed fir. It sleeps two people, has a sitting room, and looks over a pond. TreeHouse Workshop, Fall City, WA 98024
a gazebo surrounded by plants and flowers in front of a house with steps leading up to it
Landscape Design
Garden summer house! WANT!! Tree/Play house. This link goes to a website for a garden designer's portfolio. GORGEOUS pictures of many inspiring ideas for what can be done with outdoor spaces.
5 Amazing Treehouses You Need to See
5 Treehouses You Need to See