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The CORRECT way to do your eyeliner ✅
There are many ways to slay your eyeliner, this is one of them 💕 Full video credits to @ginemargrethe on tiktok!
Simple Eye Makeup via Lip Gloss, Eyebrows, Maquillaje Natural, Maquillaje De Ojos, Maquillaje
15 Super Easy Makeup Tutorials You Can Try - Pretty Designs
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Eyeshadow Mistake You Might Be Making For Hooded Eyes
Yes, I know my eyes aren’t hooded - but this tip applies to those who do have hooded eyes;) The key with hooded eyes is to do a lot of the application with your eyes open - winged liner especially! This allows you to see exactly how the liner/shadow will look when the eyes are open and then you can close your eye and connect the dots so to speak. Ps: if you have mature skin and hooded eyes, stick to warmer matte shades to add warmth to the skin and light to the eyes
The best eyeshadow hack for beginners! #eyeshadowhacks Credits:@ipsy
Eye Makeup Tips
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5 tutorials to teach you how to apply eyeshadow properly
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