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Ako Kresliť, Materi Bahasa Jepang, Writing Inspiration Prompts
Simple Ideas for Worldbuilding Locations
an image of a strange creature in the middle of a graveyard
Grand Bonewalker, Sean Andrew Murray
a large dinosaur standing in front of a castle
Apotlas by artozi on DeviantArt
an old book with pictures of the castle and moats in different stages of construction
an artistic painting of a tree house on top of a hill
an artistic drawing of a building with trees growing out of the roof and around it
Fantasy Inn Design, Veronica Bonacini
an artistic painting of a tower in a cave
Chronicles of Atheria 'Moradin' Commission 1 by jjpeabody on DeviantArt
an old and new city are depicted in this painting by the same artist as they appear today