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a man and woman dancing on the street in an old black and white photo,
Faces in the Rubble (Published 2009)
two people are dancing in an empty room
Audrey Hepburn Photo: Audrey Hepburn
an old photo of two people dancing in front of a building, one man is holding the woman's leg
charlie foxtrot whiskey
a man and woman are dancing on the street
Trends by LIFESTYLE - Leben, Stil, Popkultur
a man riding a skateboard down a street next to a bunch of people in suits : Surf - Sports Nautiques / Vêtements Et Équipement De Sport : Sports Et Loisirs
a young woman standing on top of a tennis court
a black and white photo of a woman dancing on the dance floor with other people in the background
black and white photograph of people dancing in the street with one holding a baseball bat
Celebrating Freedom
an older man and young woman dancing in a dance studio, with one holding the leg up
Robbins Celebration at City Ballet: Exclusive interviews with Baryshnikov, Wendy Whelan, and Damian Woetzel on the man and his dances | Foot in Mouth
a man in a suit and tie standing on stage with his hands behind his head
Be the Witch you want to see in the world
a man in a suit and hat running down the street
Solo tango in San Telmo | Slowwayhome
Goin' dancin'... lookin' sharp, gettin' the rhythm hand drums in the walk... it's all good...