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a black bird sitting on top of a wooden block with the number three in it's center
a hand is holding a plaque with a bird and star design on it that reads 15
House Number Plaque, Ceramic House Sign, Door Numbers, Robin Design. - Etsy UK
I make this Red Robin door number plaque from stoneware clay and glazes then fire it in an electric kiln to 1,220 degrees centigrade. It is frost proof and will not fade in strong sunlight. Approximate size 22cm x 18cm (8.5 inch x 7 inch) I can glaze the flowers in different colours, if
the number four is made to look like a boat with sails and fish on it
Ceramic house number / Özlem Menekay
the number 8 is made out of blue clay
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a plaque with the words family hagemainn on it in black and white
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a ceramic plaque with the number 611 on it
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Teal Mosaic Look turquoise House Number Sign / Home Address
the number twenty four with an eagle on it is painted white and has black numbers
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