Matcha Recipes

My favourite matcha recipes! These matcha recipes are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and mostly refined sugar free. I start each day with a matcha latte, and I also love to make classic desserts into a matcha dessert—from a matcha cake to matcha brownies to a matcha smoothie. Matcha benefits outweigh those of coffee and I just love the flavour (and okay, the matcha aesthetic too!)
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a woman sitting at a table with a green drink in her hand and a straw sticking out of it
How to Make a Matcha Jelly Drink (with Pictures)
This Matcha Jelly Drink is a fun take on a classic Japanese jelly drink, often made with coffee. It’s smooth, rich matcha with creamy plant milk and delightful, chewy pieces of matcha jelly. Coffee jelly drinks are a Japanese treat. They’re like an upgraded latte with coffee jelly cubes for texture and added flavor. This is a non-coffee version made with matcha! It’s similar to bubble tea but has a slightly firmer jelly texture to chew on and enjoy with a spoon (and straw).
strawberry quinoa matcha snack bites on a plate
My Favourite Matcha Recipes: Strawberry Quinoa Matcha Snack Bites
These strawberry quinoa matcha bites are so easy to make and throw in your bag for a midday snack. Let me know if you try this matcha recipe!
a plate topped with green pancakes covered in whipped cream and strawberries
My Favourite Matcha Recipes: Spinach Matcha Pancakes
A beautifully green breakfast pancake with hidden veggies and a caffeine kick! These Spinach Matcha Pancakes are a vibrant (and delicious!) way to start the day. One of my favourite matcha recipes for a healthy breakfast.
Summer Cocktails: Clarified Matcha
This matcha cocktail looks so good! Would you try this?
a white container with a pink label on it that says frauth in the middle
Japanese Matcha: Yama Matcha from Shizuoka
Our Yama Japanese matcha is our hyper premium, super rare okumidori matcha that hails from the mountainous Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. This matcha is recommended for the true matcha lover and is great, enjoyed on its own and also as a latte. The colour of our yama matcha is bold and vibrant green with bright taste. It's creamy, nutty and buttery with grassy and floral endnotes.
Introducing Japanese Frauth Matcha (Yama Matcha and Shima Matcha)
I’m so excited to bring you premium matcha from two different regions in Japan—we have both a Yama Matcha and Shima Matcha available. Both of these matchas are incredible, first harvest, super premium ceremonial grade matcha with a vibrant green colour and bold flavour. Happy frauthing!
How to Make a Pandan Matcha Latte
I’m so excited to spotlight one of my favorite Southeast Asian ingredients – pandan! Its leaf has a fragrant, tropical vanilla-esque aroma and flavor. It pairs beautifully with a matcha latte and has the most gorgeous green color! Here's how to make a pandan matcha latte!
How to Make Coconut Water Matcha
Coconut water matcha with bubbles! One of my favourite ways to drink matcha—you have to try it! Open a fresh coconut, pour in a shot of matcha, add cooked tapioca pearls and enjoy.
My Top Matcha Recommendations
My current top matcha recs—in no particular order! This is one of my most frequently asked questions and for more in depth explanations you can watch my videos on YouTube where we taste test (think we’re already on episode 8?) various matcha brands. In all my years of drinking matcha these are the only brands I really spend my money on willingly.
a glass filled with green liquid on top of a table
How to Make the Best Matcha Latte
Matcha is a love language and one of my favourite things about making matcha at home is that it encourages me to make time to do something for myself, and requires presence and mindfulness. On my Matcha Mommy account I share so many tips and tricks for making homemade matcha—it's so important to do something for yourself each day.
matcha latte overnight oats made vegan and gluen - free
My Favourite Matcha Recipes: Matcha Overnight Oats Made Vegan and Gluten-Free
These homemade overnight oats taste just like a matcha latte! They're easy to meal prep and so great as an early morning breakfast that will wake you up, too.
Trying 7 Matcha Brands: Matchaeologist Review
Today I'm sharing part six of my matcha taste test series. We're trying Marukyu Koyamaen, Naoki Matcha, Blue Bottle Coffee Matcha, Shayna's Kitchen, Mighty Leaf, Anima Mundi and Matchaeologist.
Using a Bamboo Whisk vs. Electric Frother for Making Matcha
Bamboo whisk vs. electric frother for making matcha—here’s why I recommend the whisk for best results! I definitely think using a frother is better than nothing at all (and much better than using a fork lol), so I think it boils down to personal preference. Which one do you use?
a white bowl filled with homemade matcha cereal
How to Make Homemade Cereal That Tastes Like Matcha
I heard we’re making our own homemade cereal so you know I had to make a matcha cereal! It’s vegan, gluten free and made with just a handful of ingredients. You can also make this easier by cutting the dough into squares instead of using a star cutter, but I think it’s extra cute!