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a person holding up a wooden box with succulents and plants in it
Arreglo para mamá
many different types of succulents are in boxes with tags on the top
Recuerdos día del padre
there is a cup with some candy in it next to a cactus and other items
Detalles para papá
a hanging planter filled with succulents and other plants in a garden
Linda combinación para llevar sol 🌞
Suculentas aptas para el sol
a hanging planter filled with succulents and flowers
Canasta colgante viva
a heart shaped box with succulents in it
Cajita en forma de 💖 con suculentas
a cup filled with candy and candies on top of a table
Macetita con dulces para San Valentín 💞
a person holding up a small potted plant
Recuerdos de boda
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to a sign that reads, you're more than the leaves
Figuritas en porcelana fría
Cuidamos cada detalle para tus obsequios
there is a small potted plant in the hand
Centros de mesa
there is a sign that says i love you in front of some succulents
Día del #amorylaamistad
an arrangement of succulents on a pink blanket
Corazón vivo 😍🌺
26x26cm aproximadamente
a christmas tree made out of succulents on a table with a santa clause figure
Árbol 🎅🌲
three red pots with succulents are on a pink table cloth next to some bushes
Arreglos con suculentas
there are some plants in the potted planters on the table with tags attached to them
Símbolo nacional de Costa Rica
Oso perezoso ♥️