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a pink notebook with some writing on it
Los geht´s! So schreibst du tolle Geschichten in der Grundschule
a green clock with blue numbers and arrows on it's face is cut out from cardboard
Bastelvorlage Uhr – Klassenkunst
the numbers are arranged in rows to form an odd shape, and each number has been changed
Einmaleins zum Ausdrucken
Reading, Montessori, Raising Kids, Special Education, Kids Learning Toys, Reading Practice, Kegel, Learning Toys
Lesen üben nebenbei - mit einer Schatzsuche für Kinder - Kinderleute
an easter egg is shown with numbers and times on the top, as well as other numbers
Ostern im ZR 20 ohne Ü
Abc 123, Parenting, School Teacher, Kids And Parenting, Primary School
★ b und d unterscheiden | dauerhaft merken | Merkhilfe ★
the german language worksheet with autumn leaves and mushrooms
Heft 1. Klasse - Ich bleibe fit in den Herbstferien - Frau Locke