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three wooden circles with numbers on them hanging from the wall
Calendrier perpétuel, calendrier perpétuel en bois, calendrier en bois, calendrier perpétuel, calendrier sans fin, - Etsy Canada
Cette annonce est pour 1 calendrier perpétuel en bois. Nous avons toujours mis un calendrier pour le mois en cours dans une zone que les enfants sont capables de voir la date. Mon fils a appris un peu plus sur le recyclage et il a demandé sur le calendrier et le recyclage. Nous avons
three different types of lights hanging from the ceiling and on the wall, one in black and white
Aëon Illumination’s Kasteel Pendant Light | IndesignLive
buy a cheap light, dip it in concrete, connect a colored cord and spray the inside with same color as cord...
a black and white photo of a vase with designs on the outside, in front of a white background
backlink plaatsen op Giftsbybeel.nl
concrete vase doreen westphal betonnen vaas
three pieces of wood with different designs on them
DIY: Nagel und Faden Bild - HANDMADE Kultur
Die Anleitung habe ich auf Kitschwerk gefunden. http://www.kitschwerk-blog.de/diy-nachweihnachtliche-angeberei-20142/
many different pictures of various objects in the same room, including tables and chairs with wooden slats on them
Bouleau le retour #CONCOURS
a wooden ladder leaning against a wall with a light on it's side and a lamp hanging from the ceiling
Gestures of Craft by Elke van den Hoogen
Deze lamp is heel eenvoudig, maar heel interessant. Deze staande lamp hangt tegen de muur aan. Er ontstaat daardoor een knik boven in. De lamp is echt een object doordat het zo in de ruimte staat, en tegen de muur aan hangt. Hij is strak en speciaal.
a large piece of wood sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a lamp
Treibholz Elke Paus...instead of one light..interchange multiple lights then either stand or overhang the design
an old fashioned camera on a tripod with light coming from it's lens
HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 2
Cris Mercado turned this vintage camera into a lamp with a light kit and an Edison bulb. (http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv-star/hgtv-star-season-8-photo-highlights-from-episode-2/pictures/page-17.html?soc=Pinterestdb)
two globes are hanging from the ceiling in a room with pictures and other items
Take a globe, cut a hole at the bottom and a smaller one up top (with a Dremel tool). You can then get the wiring at IKEA and just run it through the top
three mason jar lights are hanging from the ceiling, and one light is plugged in
21 Pottery Barn-Inspired DIYs
Why pay for a rustic look that you can make for yourself on the cheap?
a lamp that is on the wall next to a table with books and an object
Disney.com | The official home for all things Disney
copper pendant light cord set from #WestElm
a white table with four chairs and a potted plant
Simple lighting detail. Urban Cottage Industries. Pendant Lights. Filament Bulbs.
the light bulbs are hanging from the beam in the room, which is decorated with wood beams
PHOTOS: 8 Unusual Lighting Ideas
I want this rustic light....s?