Summer in Vienna 🌞

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Waiting for the Summer to come to Vienna!
Only two more months until Vienna will look like this again! Pink skies, green gardens with lots of flower arragements and city stroll in the late evenings - I can't wait!
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna
The former summer residence of the Habsburgs impresses with imperial ceremonial rooms, magnificent gardens, and a lavish virtual reality experience. 👑 Maria Theresa, Emperor Franz Joseph, Empress Elisabeth and others once resided at Schönbrunn Palace. Have you ever been there? ☺️
MQ goes Green
MQ goes Green
MQ goes Green
MQ goes Green
MQ goes Green
MQ goes Green
Have you already noticed some changes at MQ? 🌿🏛️ MuseumsQuartier's latest #sustainability project is a shining example of how urban spaces can become thriving green oases, enhancing the visitor experience while preserving a cultural heritage. 🍃 With lush gardens, eco-friendly practices and a focus on environmental responsibility, visitors and residents can now enjoy a greener and more #sustainable experience at this iconic cultural hub. 💚🌱
Spots for a perfect summer day in Vienna
Discover Vienna from the water on a boat ride, enjoy a glass of wine in a sidewalk café, visit spectacular outdoor art installation and round off the day over a sundowner on a rooftop bar. 💡 A summer day in Vienna doesn't get any more perfect than this. 💞
Summer at the danube in Vienna
Just seven subway stations from Stephansplatz is the Old Danube – a special kind of local recreation area. Dive into an oasis of recreation and discover the diverse leisure possibilities by and on the water. 💫🌊
Outdoor pools in Vienna
When the heat sits heavy on the city, it's time to hit the swimming pool! Vienna's beach clubs and open-air pools provide a cool feeling in summer. ☀️🏊
Relaxing on the Vienna Danube
In Vienna, the Danube is omnipresent. This also means that the river banks and beaches are close by. The Viennese use it for recreation, games and sports or for pleasurable hours in the beach cafés, bars and restaurants on the Old Danube, as well as Copa Beach and Sunken City on Danube Island. 💡💫
Things to do in summer in Vienna
We love summer in Vienna! During the hot days there are a lot of locations to cool down and enjoy the city. What is your favorite place in summertime? ☀️
Summer in Vienna
Is there anything better than watching the sun in Summer? No matter if sunrise or sunset, we never get enough of this view in Vienna. 💞
Vienna's best ice cream parlors
Today, Vienna has the greatest density of ice-cream bars in Europe selling ice-cream of unparalleled quality. Most of the ice-cream bars are operated by the descendents of Italian immigrants. Many of the cool creations are still based on the original secret recipes. New trends also inspire the ice-cream metropolis.
The best open air bars in Vienna
Open-air enjoyment comes high on the list. ☀️ Many bars are also migrating outdoors and serving their cocktails in the fresh air. We reveal the best open-air bars in Vienna. 🍹
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Summer days on the Old Danube
The leisurely oasis of the Old Danube, a special kind of local recreational area, is only seven subway stations away from Stephansplatz. The contrast between the neighboring city landscape and the idyllic atmosphere around the former branch of the Danube River is particularly charming. The Old Danube draws about 1 million visitors per year. © WienTourismus / Paul Bauer
Experience the Vienna Prater
Wondering what to do on a sunny day in Vienna? The Prater contains attractions ranging from a nostalgic merry-go-round to an ultra-modern roller coaster. About 250 attractions entertain you there, from auto-drome rinks to ball toss and shooting booths, exciting roller coasters and ghost trains to flight simulators. 👻🎢 Have you already been there?
an old building in the middle of a city with lots of people walking around it
Walking Vienna/Opera House/SandraZ
Imperial Fountain in Vienna