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a table topped with lots of different types of cakes and desserts on top of plates
The Great Jell-O Renaissance: An Old Food Makes New Waves
two trays filled with food sitting on top of a green cloth covered tablecloth
‘My sculptures are like shrines to my treatments’: Sharona Franklin’s mould-breaking artwork
an advertisement for cucumber souffle salad with instructions on how to make it
Cucumber Soufflé Salad
Cucumber Soufflé Salad | Vintage Recipe Cards
there is a cake on the table with carrots and other food items around it
Lamb, Tomato and Vegetable Salad Mould
Lamb, Tomato and Vegetable Salad Mould. A masterpiece of cloudy murkiness, probably hiding an unpleasant ingredient within all that cloudiness.
an advertisement for rice and peas on a plate
there is a fruit platter on the table
two desserts on a white plate with sauce drizzled over them
How America Embraced Aspics With Threatening Auras