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10min · 1 serving     ➡️ Wir brauchen  • 200g Hüttenkäse  • 70g TK Mango  • Etwas SüßeToppings nach Wahl  ➡️ Nährwerte  • 243 kcal  • 9g Fett  • 11g KH  • 26g Protein

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there are many square pieces of food on the table
Beste Gemüse-Quiche (schnell und vegetarisch) - Kochkarussell
two bowls filled with food sitting on top of a white marble counter next to each other
Savory Filo Pie with Zucchini and Feta - Marilena's Kitchen
1h 45m
the food is prepared and ready to be cooked in the pot on the stove top
Gyros selber machen ganz einfach
a pan filled with potatoes and other vegetables next to some forks on a counter top
Gyros Ofenblech - FeedMeDaily
Gyros Ofenblech - FeedMeDaily
noodles with meat and green onions in a bowl
Asian Ground Beef Noodles
Asian Ground Beef Noodles - Cooking With Lei
the best homemade greek meatballs on a white plate with skewers and parsley
The BEST Greek Meatballs
Looking for a healthier yet delicious Easy Dinner option? Try our Greek Meatballs! 🌟 Versatile and bursting with flavor, these meatballs can be oven-baked for a lighter meal or fried to golden perfection. Using Ground Chicken, pork or beef, this recipe is a standout among meatballs Recipes, perfect for any day of the week.
Easy Crispy Chicken Caesar Cutlets: Perfect Weeknight Dinner!
Try our Easy Crispy Chicken Caesar Cutlets for the perfect weeknight dinner! These flavorful cutlets are coated in a crispy crust and topped with a delicious Caesar dressing, combining the classic taste of Caesar salad with juicy chicken. Quick to prepare and sure to satisfy, it's an ideal meal for busy evenings. #CrispyChicken #CaesarCutlets #WeeknightDinner #EasyRecipes #ChickenDinner [Credits: @maxiskitchen]