Graz - the culinary capital

Great food, stunning views, and Mediterranean vibes await you in Graz.
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an aerial view of a city with red lines going through it and the words graz in 3 days
Discover Graz in 3 days
Embark on a journey through Graz's treasures! Ascend Schlossberg mountain, marvel at the world's largest historic armoury, savour southern Austria's flavours at a vibrant farmer's market, and behold the iconic 'friendly alien' – the architectural wonder Kunsthaus Graz. Experience Graz like a local with our expertly crafted 3-day itinerary! #feelaustria #lebensgefühl
an aerial view of a city with the word graz on it's left side
The Styrian capital Graz, with roots dating back to the Roman Age, lies on either side of River Mur. Graz is well known for its striking buildings and architecture. #feelaustria
an aerial view of the palace in styrjaa, germany and where it is located
Immerse yourself in the magical world of castles in Styria
Marvel at the magnificent architecture of Eggenberg Palace and explore its fascinating gardens. Be enchanted by the beauty of bygone times. Not far away is Herberstein Castle, surrounded by picturesque nature. Discover the ornate rooms and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere. #feelaustria Schloss Eggenberg: © Graz Tourismus / Harry Schiffer Schloss Herberstein: © Gartenschloss Herberstein / Kasafoto
the cover of castles in styria, with an image of a castle on top
Explore the historic castles of Styria
The majestic Deutschlandsberg Castle and the imposing Riegersburg Castle will transport you to bygone eras full of chivalry and captivating stories. Immerse yourself in their secrets and let yourself be seduced by their magic. #feelaustria Burg Deutschlandsberg: © TV Schilcherland Steiermark / Lupi Spuma Burg Riegersburg: © Österreich Werbung / Andreas Tischler
a white clock tower sitting in the middle of a field of red and orange flowers
Graz: a cultural paradise
There are numerous reasons why Graz should be on your bucket list this summer. Reason number one: Its Mediterranean flair, due to the many hours of sunshine, as well as the cosiness of the city. Take a stroll through the city’s green gardens or enjoy the beautiful views and surroundings from the clock tower on top of the Schlossberg. The choice is all yours this summer! #feelaustria
the city - break graz is located on top of a hill with trees and mountains in the background
Graz: A Foodie’s Paradise
Visit Austria and explore your new favourite city Graz. Graz is the capital of Styria as well as the “Foodie Capital” of Austria. Here you will find a variety of restaurants using fresh regional ingredients, providing you with an outstanding culinary experience! If you are in town at the right time, you might even catch the famous Graz Food Festival and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere! #feelAustria (c) Graz Tourismus / Harry Schiffer
a man and woman sitting at a table with food in front of them while playing the saxophone
Discover Graz in 3 days
Explore Graz's Schlossberg mountain, be amazed by the largest historic armoury in the world, taste the best of southern Austria at a local farmer's market, and see the renowned "friendly alien", the architectural sensation Kunsthaus Graz. Enjoy the best of Graz with our 3-day itinerary created by locals! #feelaustria © Graz Tourismus / Harry Schiffer
Clock Tower in Graz Linz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Bregenz, Baden Bei Wien
Discover Graz' famous landmark
260 steps or the Schlossberg cable car lead up from the old town to Graz's popular viewing hill. The Clock Tower, the city's landmark, watches over the beautiful city from there. City holidays now for real - in Austria's cultural classics and institutions. #realAustria #feelaustria ©️ Graz Tourismus, Harry Schiffer
The musical genius was born in Salzburg and died in Vienna. So, which one of those cities is the city of Mozart? Visit both cities and discover rich cultural heritage. You decide which city is your favorite. Both cities have another common denominator: Once you have been there you always want to go back. © ÖW/The Creating Click Tours, Wien, Things To Do, Landmarks, 2nd City
Two cities, one genius
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Graz is a livable city! Not only does Austria’s culinary capital offer tasty delights it also has a great cultural offering: hike up the Schlossberg mountain and enjoy the rooftop view of the old city. Did you know that Graz is also an UNESCO world cultural heritage site? Explore narrow alleyways around the main square and the mediterranean flair of the city. City Trip, Explore
A rooftop view of Graz
100 % culture in Styria's capital
an aerial view of a city at night with lights on buildings and trees in the foreground
Things to do in Graz
Graz - Austria's hidden gem
Watch the video to get a great insight into Graz. #beauty
a clock tower with the words graz in front of it and an orange sky
Graz - The Renaissance City
The Styrian capital Graz, with roots dating back to the Roman Age, lies on either side of River Mur. Graz is well known for its striking buildings and architecture. (c) Graz Tourismus / Markus Spenger
a person eating food at a table with utensils
Food, wine, and the simple life in Graz
Discover why Graz is Austria’s “Culinary Capital”!(c)Österreich Werbung #feelaustria #Graz