Vienna - the city of culture and Imperial charm

Austria's capital not only offers stunning architecture but also offers unrivaled culinary delights. We have created some itineraries and suggestions to make…
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an advertisement with the words,'discovering the danube tower experience breiteckling views of vienna from the heights of austria's tallest tower
Discover the Danube Tower Vienna
Take your Vienna experience to new heights at the Danube Tower, Austria's tallest building! Enjoy a stunning 360-degree panoramic vista, soak in the cultural significance of its iconic 60s design, and feel the thrill of Europe's highest slide. To wind down, the rotating Turm Café and Turm Restaurant await you with delicious Austrian refreshments. #feelaustria #lebensgefühl
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Discover the House of Strauss
Step into the world of Johann Strauss II, the renowned composer of 'The Blue Danube,' as we commemorate his 200th birthday in 2025. Explore the life and legacy of this musical maestro, immersing yourself in the enchanting melodies and timeless elegance of his waltzes. Experience the essence of Austrian culture and musical heritage! #feelaustria #lebensgefühl #johannstrauss2025
an ornate room with chandelier and red ribbon in the center, along with text that reads discovery palais liechensteeinn take a guided tour through historic life
Discover the Liechtenstein Palaces
Step into the lavish world of Vienna's aristocracy at the Liechtenstein Palaces. Marvel at the grandeur of baroque chambers and delve into the illustrious private art collection of Prince von und zu Liechtenstein, showcasing European masterpieces spanning five centuries. Relax and rejuvenate in the tranquil oasis of the GARDEN PALACE's enchanting garden. Experience the epitome of Austrian elegance and heritage. #feelaustria #lebensgefühl
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Find your hotel in Vienna
Discover the best of Vienna's hospitality with our curated selection of top hotels! Experience the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and affordability, catering to every taste and budget. From charming boutique gems to centrally located havens, these hotels are your gateway to Vienna's rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine. Book now for an unforgettable journey in Vienna! #feelaustria #lebensgefühl
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Discover Leopold Museum
Dive into Vienna's cultural gem, the Leopold Museum, and immerse yourself in the enchanting era of Fin de Siècle. Discover captivating temporary exhibitions alongside masterpieces by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. Conclude your journey with a glass of wine and panoramic vistas of Vienna from the MQ Libelle rooftop terrace. Experience the art of living in Vienna! #feelaustria #lebensgefühl
an aerial view of a large building with red ribbon around it's perimeter and the words, discovery kunstistorises museum world - renowed and home to australia's imperial
Discover Kunsthistorisches Museum
Immerse yourself in the opulence of Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum, home to the illustrious Habsburgs' collection. Marvel at magnificent art, explore breathtaking architecture and indulge in the grandeur of the marble Cupola Hall with coffee, dinner, or a memorable party. Dive into a true feast for the eyes and senses! #feelaustria #lebensgefühl
an aerial view of a city with red lines in the foreground and text that reads vienna
Vienna is a melange of magnificent architecture, music and endearing charm. A city that inspires with old and new avant-garde and is best conquered in waltz step. #feelaustria
an old building is covered in snow with the words explore vienna on it's front
Gloriette in Vienna
Top activities await you as you experience the magic of winter holidays in Vienna! A trip to Gloriette atop Schönbrunn Palace is a must! Enjoy a stroll around the Imperial gardens, mulled wine, and breathtaking vistas. #feelaustria (c)
the belvedere gardens in vienna, germany with text overlaying it's image
Immerse yourself in the Belvedere Palace Gardens
The Belvedere Palace Gardens are a jewel of Baroque landscape architecture and form a harmonious whole with the two palaces, which have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. #feelaustria © Vienna PASS / Bernhard Luck
an image of a building with the words schonbrun palace gardens
Stroll through the beautiful gardens of Schönbrunn
The Schönbrunn Palace is one of Europe's most important Baroque estates and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its 160-acre large garden contains a lovingly designed park, the Gloriette building, from which you can look over the main palace and get a panoramic view of the city, as well as the world's oldest zoo. #feelaustria
the gardens in vienna's most beautiful parks with text overlay that reads, vienna's most beautiful parks
Posting: Vienna’s six most beautiful parks
Discover a seamless fusion of history, culture, and natural splendour as you stroll through Vienna's most stunning parks. Austria’s capital city has a total of 990 municipal parks! These green oases are an ideal spot to unwind, whether you want to clear your head, meet friends, go for a walk, jog, or simply relax. #feelaustria (c) Österreich Werbung / Julius Silver
the hotel ambassador vienna is open and ready to be used as a guest book for guests
Hotel Tip: Hotel Ambassador in Vienna
With its more than 100-year-old history, Hotel Ambassador ranks among the most tradition-filled buildings in Vienna. The hotel's surroundings are equally part Imperial time capsule and modern metropolis – only minutes away from St. Stephen's Cathedral as well as Vienna's most popular shopping streets. #feelaustria © Hotel Ambassador Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
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Hotel Tip: Hollmann Beletage Vienna
In Vienna, we cherish individuality... Hollmann Beletage Design & Boutique Hotel is perfect for travelers looking for a unique home away from home. Surprises await at every corner, like an entire room dedicated to board games, a hidden garden, and a stylish private cinema! To make it an even better deal, the hotel is right around the corner from St. Stephen's Cathedral. #feelaustria © Hollmann Beletage
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Hotel Tip: The Harmonie Vienna
Designed by Peruvian artist Luis Casanova Sorrola, who took inspiration from dance and performance art, The Harmonie Vienna in Vienna's 9th district stands out for its informal atmosphere and impressive interior. Here, sustainability is ingrained in their philosophy: The hotel offers regional organic breakfast, certified allergy-free rooms, and proximity to public transport. #feelaustria
the remarkable story of prince eugene by vena's cultural visionary
Vienna's cultural visonary Prince Eugene of Savoy
300 years ago, two of Vienna's most famous palaces, the Upper and Lower Belvedere, were completed by order of Prince Eugene. Discover the remarkable story of Prince Eugene, a diminutive, queer military general who transformed Vienna's cultural landscape and left an enduring legacy. #feelaustria © Loan from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam © Photo: Belvedere, Wien