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a wooden table lamp with an abstract design on the top and bottom, lit up at night
Bamboo lamp "Balance M" - Lighting | Bambooban
Bamboo lamp "Relaxation M" - Lighting | Bambooban
a lamp that is lit up with some lights on it's side and the light shining
Bamboe lamp "Yoga M" - Verlichting electra | Bambooban
Bamboe lamp "Illumination" - Verlichting electra | Bambooban
an image of a metal object with people on it
design for an award by Adriaan Debruyne
a wooden table lamp sitting on top of a white surface next to some dried up pine cones
Wood sculpture desk lamp. Farmhouse light fixture. Wooden LED lamp. Accent lamp. Small modern lamp. Abstract table lamp. Bedside lighting.
Wood lamp / Bedside wooden lamp / Shape curves lamp / Night light / Desk lamp / LED lighting / Accen
an image of a floor lamp with measurements
404 | Louis Poulsen
Carousel Item
two lights that are hanging from the ceiling
Volker Haug Studio
Chippy - Pendant
a black propane cylinder with a skull and crossbones on it next to a lamp
borono - live your style
Patrick Gumnoir und Philipp Perlemann: Upcycling-LED-Lampe Gasuplighter
a light that is sitting on top of a white surface with a curved object in front of it
Maintenance | Addyzeal
Sunbotic Wooden Ceiling Spring Lamp | Oak Wood Finish -
a tall metal vase sitting on top of a white table next to a light fixture
47+ Ideas Diy Lamp Design Pvc Pipes
a living room with a white couch and a tall lamp in the corner next to it
TRUCIOLO 553/T - Braga Illuminazione
TRUCIOLO 553/T | Braga Illuminazione