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Tropical Aranciata mocktail recipe | waterdrop® ORANGE
Sip into paradise with our Tropical Aranciata! Effervescent and tangy, this mocktail allows you to immerse yourself in a refreshing wave of citrus bliss with a zesty splash that feels like a sun-kissed beach day! Perfectly chilled and bursting with bright flavors, it’s the ultimate sip on a sunny day. Ingredients: - 1 waterdrop® ORANGE - 300ml / 10 oz of sparkling water - 1/2 passion fruit - juice of 1/2 lime - ice cubes - 2 orange slices - garnish: orange zest & mint sprig
waterdrop® BOOST | lavender frost mocktail recipe
More BOOST, please. This drink is dangerously addictive, especially for lavender & blackcurrant lovers. With hints of acai & lemon peeking through the lavender blossoms, this is a tasty one to bookmark for sure! Ingredients: - 1 waterdrop® BOOST - 250ml / 8.5 oz of sparkling water - 1 tbsp of culinary lavender - juice of 1 lemon - ice cubes - garnish: lemon slices
waterdrop® FOCUS | Thyme to Twist mocktail recipe
Crisp in blend, herbal with intent, using waterdrop® FOCUS as a base, this mocktail recipe offers a fresh quality with a sour twist. Ingredients: - 1 drop of waterdrop® FOCUS - 200ml of sparkling water - 100g green grapes - juice of 1/2 lemon - 1-2 sprigs of thyme - ice cubes - garnish: grapes & thyme
waterdrop® COLA | Protein Smoothie recipe
May we introduce: the viral COLA protein smoothie. Tasty, creamy, smooth & nourishing. A fantastic addition to your COLA-zione, as a refresher after your workout or even a snack in between. Ingredients: - 1 drop of waterdrop® COLA - 300ml of still water - 1 frozen banana - juice of 1/2 lemon - 200ml greek yoghurt - 1 tbsp of peanut butter - 50g of rolled oats
waterdrop® ICE TEA RASPBERRY | Raspberry Mimosa mocktail recipe
Our Raspberry Mimosa has all the elegance of a Mimosa but without alcohol or added sugar, a refreshingly light and hydrating twist. Ingredients: - 1 waterdrop® ICE TEA RASPBERRY - 250ml / 8.5 oz of sparkling water - juice of 1 orange - juice of 1/2 lemon - ice cubes - garnish: orange & lemon slice, raspberries
waterdrop® ICE TEA PEACH | Long Island Spice Tea mocktail recipe
With a taste as colorful as a vivid rainbow our non-alcoholic take on the infamous long drink classic brings together two of our most popular flavors to create one of our most delicious mocktails ever. Ingredients: - 1 waterdrop® ICE TEA PEACH - 1 waterdrop® COLA - 500ml / 17 oz of sparkling water - 30ml / 1 oz of lemon juice - 30ml / 1 oz of orange juice - ice cubes - garnish: lemon slices
waterdrop® ICE TEA LEMON | Mojojito mocktail recipe
Think Mojito but without alcohol & sugar. Now imagine pure refreshment & the delightful taste of summer vacay. We took our ICE TEA LEMON onto a mixing adventure & pure mocktail mojo. Ingredients: - 1 waterdrop® ICE TEA LEMON - 300ml / 10 oz of sparkling water - juice of 1 lime - a handful of fresh mint - 3-5 lime wedges - ice cubes - garnish: mint sprig