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a woman in a red dress standing on top of a dumpster filled with garbage
Poor Children Photography Sad Kids 37+ Ideas
Portrait, Girl, Couple Photos, Couples
Motivational Quotes, Life, Arc, People Of The World
two boys pushing a cart full of bricks in an open area with other people standing around
Bufera su Alternanza scuola-lavoro voluta da Governo Renzi, torna lo sfruttamento minorile: ecco perché non funziona
two children are carrying buckets down the railroad tracks while others watch from behind them
two people walking down a dirty street next to shacks and trash bags on the ground
Nairobi (Kenya) - Mathare Valley Slum
two women carrying bricks on their heads
a group of people walking through a dirty street
there are many people sleeping on the floor
X. It’s what’s happening
two children are playing with each other on the ground
Thoughts and technology...
a baby standing in the middle of a pile of rubble
Фото 1058, альбом Обыкновенный фашизм. Всего-то - 71 фото | Фотографии Сергея Митина.
two children sitting on the ground with rocks and pebbles in front of them, one holding a stick