Winter wedding

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a bride and groom kissing in the snow
Couple photos in the snowy mountains in Vorarlberg / Wild Embrace Photography
Immediately I thought about this place at Arlberg in Vorarlberg, and I was so happy that they loved this spot as much as I do. It was snowing the night before we took the couple photos, and when we arrived in the morning, all the tiny ice crystals were sparkling in the sun. The view over the white mountains was amazing, and though it was cold, the photo session in the winter landscape was so much fun. Valerie was wearing a summer dress, and it seems like the -12° Celsius didn’t bother her at all
a bride and groom are sitting on a sled in the snow
Romantic Winter Wedding Photos in the snowy Alps on a sled
Snowy mountains have something magical about them. When the snow sparkles in the sun and the whole landscape presents itself in white and blue tones, I am always fascinated by winter nature. Barbara and Martin have chosen this epic location in the Austrian Alps for their winter wedding photos. In bright sunshine, we enjoyed the breathtaking view over the snowy mountain summits of Vorarlberg together and created beautiful and romantic wedding photos…
a bride and groom standing in the snow with mountains in the background
Winter wedding photos in Austria
The snowy landscape in winter in Austria is also stunning. It looks like a fairytale when you decide to take your wedding photos there.