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an instagram page with the words instagram on it, and a photo of a living room
Renovated apartment in a 1914 Belle Époque building in Antwerp, Belgium [1218 × 1518]
two people with colorful umbrellas standing in front of an art work that is collaged together
helen warlow on Twitter
I like the patchwork effect in this. Different from a normal rainy day picture, brighter and jolly. The artist is Danny Amazonas and it’s a freestyle
a bunch of flags that are hanging on a wall
DIY: Wimpelkette nähen - arianebrand
DIY: Wimpelkette nähen - arianebrand
an open pink suitcase sitting on top of a white table covered in doily and polka dots
TinksInColor's needle case
How much do you love it? Interchangeable needle case; link to tutorial.
a bowl filled with different colored eggs on top of a brick floor next to a sidewalk
Leuchtende Ostereier - vielfältiger mit den Farben der Natur
Intensiv leuchtende Ostereier natürlich färben? Mit diesen Lebensmitteln färbst du deine Ostereier wunderschön und strahlend bunt. Ohne Zusatzstoffe
step by step instructions to make origami flowers
Christmas Cookie Club: 7. Türchen – Origami von Cuisine Violette
Anleitung für den Origami-Stern