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a bedroom with white walls and wooden beams
Style et inspiration pour les tribus contemporaines - MilK Decoration
Breathes peace and tranquility... Just perfect for a bedroom
an outdoor hot tub in the middle of a courtyard with potted plants and palm trees
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Las Cuadras Pool Concepts - Terra Firma Proyectos - Picasa Web Albums
a tall wooden object sitting on top of a white floor next to some concrete steps
Il particolare mostra la scala interna. #rifarecasa #maistatocosifacile grazie a #designbox & #designcard #idfsrl
an empty window seat in the corner of a room with brick flooring and white walls
an open kitchen with white walls and wooden cabinets, along with lots of counter space
Can Xicu, Ibiza. Design by Blakstad
an instagramted photo of a white building with stairs and trees
Masseria Moroseta | Studio Andrew Trotter
Masseria Moroseta, Ostuni, Puglia Italy by andrew trotter studio 2016
a man standing on top of a wooden frame structure in the process of being built
Learn about this simple, direct and elegant type of wood home construction that allows for generous personal expression
a green door on a yellow building with two trees in the foreground and another tree behind it
four different shots of an outdoor swimming pool with trees in the foreground and on the far side
Amazing, Tiny, Pool
a white house with two large vases in front of it and palm trees behind it
HDmall: Pengiriman Obat & Booking Klinik | HDmall
the table is set outside with plates and glasses on it, in front of an outdoor dining area
outdoor dining in #provence...
an arch leading into a pool with water running through it
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and shrubs
Aged and Gilded (Palazzo-Interiors & Gardens)
a pool in front of a house with steps leading up to it and a deck
Go Inside Designer Tom Scheerer’s Beachy Bahamas Vacation Home
Decorator Tom Scheerer designed his Bahamas getaway as a compound comprising six pavilions interspersed with Coralina-stone terraces, gardens, and a swimming pool.
the house is made out of stone and has an orange tiled roof
Estate In Extremadura
Estate In Extremadura / Abaton Arquitectura – nowoczesna STODOŁA | najlepsze PROJEKTY
an old stone building with flowers growing out of the doorways and in front of it
Zamalo sudar ruskog lovca i komercijalnog zrakoplova iznad Kopenhagena
Renovated old stone house - village of Škopljanci - Dalmatioan hinterland - Croatia
a bathroom with wooden floors and white walls
Georgiana Design
Cob house
a house with steps leading up to it and flowers in the front yard, along with bushes
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the inside of a house with an open door and wood flooring on the outside
Menossi Fotografo
IBeautiful house in Formentera,Balearic islands by menossi
two pictures side by side one shows a house and the other shows an outdoor living area
a modern rustic home on formentera
an outside view of a brick building with arched doorways and lights on the windows
Rote Scheune
Rote Scheune | Uckermarck
a building made out of rocks with windows
Munarq transforms an old farmhouse into a studio in Mallorca
Old farmhouse transformed into an art studio and gallery in Mallorca.
a large swimming pool next to the ocean
THE O.C. Filming Locations: The Cohen House
The infinity pool & pool house with an ocean view from "The O.C." = in my dreams! my dream homeeeeee
an open door leading to a living room with couches and rugs on the floor
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and shrubs
Aged and Gilded (Palazzo-Interiors & Gardens)
de beaux souvenirs dans le Luberon qui ressurgissent!
multiple shots of different buildings and water features
Villa K par Studio KO - Journal du Design
Studio Ko
an artist's rendering of a patio with tables and chairs
011-house-photographer-ii-oab-carlos-ferrater | HomeAdore