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a living room filled with lots of furniture and lamps hanging from the ceiling above it
I would love something like this in my back porch
a person sitting on a bench in front of a blue wall with clothes hanging up
an aerial view of the top of a mountain with clouds surrounding it and a circular hole in the middle
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania at about 20,000 feet
a poster with many different types of writing on it's sides, including the words and
Kilmanjaro Infographic - WildJunket Magazine
the beds are lined up on the beach under that straw roof and bamboo poles, with blue water in the background
andBeyond Mnemba Island - Exclusive beach lodge Tanzania
Mnemba Island Lodge, Zanzibar, Tanzania
a close up of a child smiling for the camera
Souls of my Shoes
I'm happy and it shows. #Mamputo, #Mozambique
two giraffes standing next to each other on a field with clouds in the background
Giraffes in the wild in Africa www.shongololo.com
a person riding a bike down a dirt road
mozambique road
Red earth - Mozambique road www.shongololo.com
Imagining Mozambique by Cat. Estrada Traveling Art, African Textile, African Textiles, Art Brut, Childrens Art, Retro Art, Mozambique, Art Show
Imagining Mozambique
Imagining Mozambique by Cat. Estrada
a man with tattoos on his face wearing a scarf
John Kenny Photography
Africa | Fula nomad. Eastern Niger | ©John Kenny.