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several bottles with labels on them sitting on a table
Label Design Packaging | Custom Packaging | Packaging Design Ideas
"Label design packaging involves the creation of visually appealing and informative labels for various products, contributing to brand recognition, consumer engagement, and conveying essential information. Whether applied to food items, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or other consumer goods, label design plays a crucial role in attracting attention and communicating the value of the product."
a bottle of monogramm cologne sitting next to a box on a white surface
Early Harvest Koroneiki cultivar Organic
The Queen of Greek olive cultivars, Koroneiki (O. europeae var. Microcarpa alba, synonymous Vatsiki «Βατσικη», Ladolia “Λαδολία», Psilolia «Ψιλολια») is an indigenous Greek olive variety, recognized worldwide as one of the most preferred cultivars for olive oil production. Its name derives from “Koroni”, a coastal town in the south-eastern part of Messinia in Peloponnese, the birthplace of “Koroneiki variety”.
three white and gold vases sitting on top of a black surface, with one holding four different types of flowers
Magical Seasoning - Yanko Design
salt and pepper shaker wands
a white bottle with a black and white photo on the front is hanging from a string
Formafantasma - Works
Formafantasma | Moulding Tradition: Wine Flask, 2009 | Unglazed ceramic, glass, jacquard ribbon, photographic paper | Moulding Tradition was informed by the ongoing Sicilian ceramic tradition of 'teste di moro', copies of 17th century vases from the Caltagirone region of Sicily that portray a grotesque Moorish face. The tradition refers to an earlier era in Sicily’s history when the Moorish invasion of the area introduced majolica to Europe.
a gold and white sculpture sitting on top of a wooden block
Maison Gerard
Achille Salvagni - Bubbles, Table Lamp - Collection - Maison Gerard
a glass sculpture sitting on top of a white table next to a book and remote control
Home Sculpture | Decor Figurines | Ornaments
Figurines for home decor will be a great gift for you and your friends. Place the ornaments on the shelves, coffee table to create a cozy atmosphere for your home. #homedecor #sculptures #ornaments #figurines #statues #homeaccents #ornamentsonshelves #giftideas #decorativefigurine #interiordesign #sculpturesart #decorationitems #roomdecor
three clear plates sitting on top of each other with gold dots in the center and circles around them
Vezzini & Chen – Artists | Artelier | Art Consultancy
a glass bell on top of a table
Bell Fragrance Dispenser By Sottovoce