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weeds growing on the bank of a river with water in the backgroung
Knoblauchsrauke - gesundes, mildes und doch sehr würziges Küchenkraut
Knoblauchsrauke wird seit über 5000 Jahren genutzt. Auch heute ist es als würziges doch mildes Küchenkraut beliebt und kann zur Entgiftung verwendet werden. - Bild von O. Pichard [CC BY-SA 3.0]
the health benefits of herbs for a healthy garden
Boost Your Health With These 10 Healing Herbs For A Healing Garden - DIY Gardening Tips For The Green Thumb Challenged
Herbs that HealWhether you garden on a windowsill, your back yard, or a greenhouse herbs are well worth cultivating for their health benefits. Here to the t
some yellow and red flowers in the grass
Nelkenwurz - immergrüne Vitaminquelle, Küchengewürz und Entgifter
Die Nelkenwurz kannst du ganzjährig in der Küche und zum Heilen nutzen. Einfach in Mahlzeiten, zum Würzen oder als vielseitige Heilerin. - Bild von Andrey Zharkikh [CC-BY-2.0]
a bowl filled with bread and flowers next to a jar of oil on top of a wooden table
Diese Wildkräuter und Blüten sind essbar!
Gesund und völlig umsonst! Diese sieben essbaren Wildpflanzen sollten Sie pflücken und probieren. Die besten Rezepte für Wildkräuter und essbare Blüten. | EAT SMARTER
the health benefits of herbs for a healthy garden
Medicinal Plants & Herbs
For centuries, herb plants have been used to cure all sorts of ailments. Both modern and alternative medicine rely on the age-old healing properties found in medicinal herbs. The Growers Exchange has a wide selection of medicinal herb plants.
herbs hanging on clothes line with paper bags
How To Dry, Freeze and Preserve Herbs
How to Preserve Herbs – Drying Herbs Drying herbs is pretty self explanatory, but the most space intensive way to preserve herbs. If you choose this route, you must have a warm, dry indoor area to hang the herbs. Hang them in small bunches, cover them to keep them clean, and when dry, strip the leaves off the branches and seal in bags or jars. Make sure they are crispy dry before you seal them up. You can also dry herbs in the microwave or a food dehydrator.
tomatoes and basil in pots on a wooden deck next to gardening utensils, including a garden knife
<3 Potted Herbs....macetas sembradas de albahaca y tomates.....
a dog standing next to a wooden planter filled with dirt and plants in it
Small-Space Gardening/Urban Gardening
a potted plant sitting on top of a window sill next to a wall
Herb Gardens Archives - The Micro Gardener
Plant lemongrass and rosemary in pots, containers or in flower beds on your balcony or in your garden to have a mosquito free summer! You can use them as herbs in cooking as well. Remember to brush them to release more of their fragrance before your outdoor activity.
four different pictures of plants in pots with labels on them that say herb garden and mint
Top 10 Inspiring Low-Budget Ideas for Herb Containers
Using fresh herbs gives a special taste to every meal. Having an indoor herb garden will provide you will fresh herbs all year long. This way you can have your own organic, safe to use herbs. And why not make the garden look fabulous? It can easily become a great decoration for your kitchen. All you need are some interesting herb containers you can make on your own. We will show you how to create low-budget planters for your favorite herbs in no time and by using just a few simple things. Let th
a close up of a green leaf on a plant with the words 13 wildkrauter die du auch im winter sammeln kannst
Diese 13 Wildkräuter kannst du auch im Winter sammeln
Auch im Winter musst du nicht auf Wildkräuter verzichten. Einige Pflanzen kannst du auch in kalten Monaten finden und nutzen.