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several large white umbrellas sitting on top of a sandy beach
The Ephemeral Architecture of Burning Man - Tiny House Blog
the chiton was designed, engineered and built by d'milo hallerberg and crew in rohnert park, california for the 2008 burning man festival.
a bed room with two beds sitting next to each other
a small white building that is lit up with yellow lights on the outside and inside
a row of colorful tents sitting next to each other
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spandex canopy - Google Search
an old book with some drawings on it
BuzzFeed - Architectural Style, Cultural Architecture , Educational Architecture and Residential Architecture blog
BuzzFeed - History was often taught in a linear way. This type of teaching has often omitted great historical narratives and concentrated mainly on the Occidental world. However, it is also known that it can be helpful to understand how one phenomenon leads to another, to get a comprehensive Overview of what has brought humanity over the years. In the history of architecture, it is interesting to understand the Central movements, and consecrated styles that have emerged in the course of time, a
an outdoor area with tables, chairs and couches in front of the building's glass walls
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leth roof house - Google Search
there is a roof that has been made out of concrete and some kind of metal
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leth roof house - Google Search
there are many bunk beds lined up in the room and one person is walking down the hall
Minneapolis homeless shelter — an inspiration for one planned in Madison — keeps dignity at its core
there is a bunk bed in the middle of this room and it looks like an airplane
Browse Living Rooms Archives on Remodelista
murphy style bunk beds. Would be cool in a beach condo for those times when the bunks are not needed.
three different views of people standing in front of an open refrigerator and looking at it
Small house folding interior - Furniture, Small Spaces
Japanese designers Atelier OPA created this foldaway set of furniture which includes a mobile home office, a small kitchen and a guest room. | Tiny Homes
the inside of an airport terminal with people walking around and plants growing on the floor
Rent a Tiny Sleepbox at Moscow Airport. For Sleeping.
Need a Nap? Rent a Sleepbox : TreeHugger
an artistic view of some kind of rock formation in the snow with water and sky behind it
Winnipeg Skating Shelters by Patkau Architects | Temporary structures
When I was in Winnipeg the skating shelters didn't excist yet-.. tooo bad, because they look amazing!!!
two beds in a room with privacy screens on the walls and one bed is empty
Nearly a Year after Opening, DTLA El Puente Bridge Housing Helps Those It Can - Streetsblog Los Angeles
Covering Los Angeles's livable streets movement
several small wooden buildings in the middle of a dirt field with tables and chairs around them
Blue Sky Center - Hipcamp in New Cuyama, California
Gable Hut, Blue Sky Center, CA: 14 Hipcamper reviews and 130 photos