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Your affirmation for today
Let me pull a card for you to tell you your affirmation for today! 😍
5 Affirmations for Self-Love
These affirmations will help you strengthen your self-love and, ultimately, feel like you deserve everything you desire! 💕
7 Affirmations to be in peace at uncertain times
he word affirmation already tells you their purpose. It affirms a statement or sign that something is true. We can use our thoughts to feed doubt, fear or worry or we can teach our minds to be empowering, loving and supporting. To create this mental shift, affirmations are the perfect tool! In this video I am teaching you wonderful affirmations to shift from fear to trust.
5 Affirmations to Boost your Self-Worth
Self-love, self-respect & self-worth: There is a reason they all start with „self“ - you can‘t find them in anyone else! 💕 Repeat these affirmations daily to boost your self-worth and to feel in your heart how unbelievably valuable you are! ✨
5 Powerful Affirmations to Boost Your Self-esteem | Yoga Junkies
Repeat these affirmations daily to get confident!
3 Amazing Mantras to Know | Yoga Junkies
Do you want to raise your vibration? Then check out these 3 amazing mantras that will enlighten your day.