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some paint brushes and paints on a wooden table
a collage of various items including lamps, pillows and other decorative objects on display
Moodboard Demelza Krens @demelzakrens
an abstract painting of two horses in blue, yellow and white colors with one running
an ornate frame with flowers and butterflies around it
an image of a pattern with camels and buildings
One of the things I really miss at the moment is traveling! With me many others of course. Working on this pattern was much fun, again I… | Instagram
a bed with two lamps on top of it next to pillows and other decorative items
colorful pillows are stacked on top of each other
selection of my atelier for fashion and interior - be inspired SEE-LOVE-BUY
a painting with palm trees and buildings in the background
Looking for the Kasbah
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an ornately designed wallpaper with red flowers and green leaves on the border,