medieval multicolour and plaid clothing

Medieval clothing made of "interestingly wooven" fabrics: checkers, stripes, mi-parti etc.
87 Pins
an old book with two pictures of men in medieval clothing and one is holding a dog
striped sideless
Judith kills Holofernes - 1330 ; 1340 ; Vienna ; Austria; - In Speculum Humanae Salvationis
an illuminated manuscript with two women standing in front of a green building and holding hands
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a drawing of a man holding a stick with sheep on the ground in front of him
herder met wanten - The Luttrell Psalter 1325-1340
an illustration of three women standing next to each other, one holding her hand up
12 Brilliant Biblical Girl Names
Biblical women's names including Jemima, Jerusha, Keturah, Tamar, and Zillah
an old painting with a woman holding a bird in her right hand and palm trees on the other side
Italy 1400-1450 Dress with Fur Long Sleeves and Hood with Pearled Edges from Albucasis
an old painting of a woman holding a flower
Italy 1400-1450 Pink Dress with Dagged Sleeves and Neckline Embroidery from Albucasis
a painting of a woman with a crown on her head, in an orange dress
- OPUS INCERTUM -: EL BRIAL 1359, Vida de S. Juan Bautista
an image of two men shaking hands in front of a painting on the side of a wall
Santa Llúcia de Mur / MNAC
Santa Llúcia de Mur / MNAC by Monestirs Puntcat, Catalunya
« Le Livre des faiz monseigneur saint Loys », composé à la requête du « cardinal… Round Pavilion, Medieval Tents, Medieval Tent, Medieval Camping, Sca Camping, Medieval Furniture, Viking Life, Wars Of The Roses
Vie et miracles de monseigneur saint Louis ou Livre des faits de monseigneur saint Louis
« Le Livre des faiz monseigneur saint Loys », composé à la requête du « cardinal…
an illuminated manuscript with two women sitting on a bed and one holding a child in her lap
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Jacobus : Legenda sanctorum aurea, verdeutscht in elsässischer Mundart [u.a.] 1362 Cgm 6 Folio 153