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a pair of hooks are attached to the side of a metal wall mounted device with two screws on each end
Overhead Monorail Hand-Pushed I-Beam Trolley | Pacline
there is a blue crane on top of a piece of equipment in the room that's attached to the ceiling
Home Machine Shop Hall of Fame, Page 4
an orange wrench laying on top of a white sheet
Have you ever needed a really long wrench?
a person holding onto a metal object in the middle of a workbench with tools on it
Only as Strong as the Weld: Best Practices for Welding Titanium Tube & Pipe
www.millerwelds.com resources article-library titanium-101-best-tig-gta-welding-practices
an old metal cart with four large tires on it's sides and two wheels attached to each other
wagon steering kits - Google Search | Metal working, Metal working projects, Metal
a close up of a cell phone holder on a table with tools in the background
Self made tig torch holder
an assortment of tools are shown on a white background
Торцеватель для труб
Другая модель торцевателя
an image of a drilling machine on a table with tools in front of it
Herramienta tubo