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the letters are made up of black and white lines, which appear to be in different directions
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an old book with some writing on the front and back cover that says thr
the letter c is made up of many different types of letters and numbers, all in red
some type of writing that is very old
some type of font that is made up of numbers and letters with different shapes on them
каллиграфия: оу ф х ц ч
some type of writing that is on a piece of paper with the words in different languages
some type of writing on a white sheet with black letters and numbers in different languages
Icon Painting Technique--A Meditative Guide to Egg Tempra Painting
an old fashioned type of calligraphy that is in the shape of a letter i
«Книга — лекарство душеполезное»
«Книга — лекарство душеполезное» on Behance
some type of calligraphy that is red and white with black lettering on it,
All sizes | DSC_1111 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an abstract pattern with black and red letters
three different type of typograms with red and black letters on white paper
Orthodox related calligraphy/fonts --- exp.
Orthodox related calligraphy/fonts --- exp. - Christian Forums
an old poster with some type of lettering on it's back side, and the words written in different languages
История русского шрифта - История письменности
Декоративное древнерусское письмо — вязь
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper next to an inscription in russian
Русская вязь каллиграфия: как писать и проектировать надписи.
an old book with writing on it and some type of lettering in the bottom corner
DSC_0290 | Andrey Sannikov | Flickr