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a woman sitting in a chair with her hand on her head and looking off to the side
icons florence pugh
a woman standing in front of a car smiling at the camera while wearing a black shirt
Florence Pugh ♥️
a woman standing on the sidewalk looking at her cell phone
<florence pugh3
a close up of a person wearing a necklace and choker with her eyes closed
Florence Pugh
a woman is sitting on the floor with her eyes closed while she brushes her hair
a woman standing in front of a curtain with her arms crossed
a woman in a red shirt is smiling for the camera with long dark hair and blue eyes
a woman with pink hair and flowers in her hair
evangeline & jacks · little fox & the archer · evajacks · once upon a broken heart · stephanie garber
a drawing of two people hugging each other
a black and white photo of a woman with long hair looking off to the side
Lana del rey
a drawing of a woman with her hand on her chin and looking at the camera
two women sitting next to each other on a bed in front of a night light
a collage of photos with words and pictures on them, including an image of a fox
Once upon a broken heart aesthetic 💔🦊🏹
Characters: Evangeline Fox and Jacks. Book: Once upone a broken heart trilogy. Author: Stephanie Garber.